For all homeowners saving energy is the key and we look to minimize heat loss whilst maximizing energy. In order to do this we take a practical approach to each situation to provide the correct advice.

When people contact us regarding solar energy systems, the latest and most energy efficient heat pumps or other modern technical appliances, we often ask them to consider, if the first step should be to insulate the property.

Lately many of our clients have asked if we could carry out these thermal insulation’s and in autumn 2014, we made an agreement so that we can install products from the Austrian ISOCELL Company.

The ISOCELL insulation is the waste product derived from wood and recycled paper. It is lightweight granulated cellulose.


  • High grade of thermal resistance
  • Insulates from winter cold and summer heat
  • Eco-friendly
  • Absorbs and releases moisture without loss of insulation effect
  • Sound absorbing
  • Fire resistant
  • Protected against rodents
  • Quick and easy to apply

We can now offer two different concepts:

  • Insulation of cavity walls
  • Insulation of ceilings / closed loft areas

The practical approach: Here in Andalusia the way in which our houses are built is very different to other European countries. Local builders in each area will therefore support our installers in order to find the easiest way of applying the granulated cellulose. Normally the insulation work can be carried out in one day.