Technical services

After many years experience at Técnicas Maro, we have developed a wide knowledge of possible issues and problems that one may encounter, and as a result how to manage these. For this reason, we are able to offer Service and Maintenance to all of our clients, whether your product has been purchased from us or from a third party.

Technical services are offered for the following types of systems:

  • Solar Energy for:

    • Domestic Water heating
    • Pool heating
    • Warm air ventilation and dehumidification
    • Combination systems

  • Air Conditioning
    (Includes all models regardless of manufacture)
  • Heat Pumps and under-floor heating
  • Fancoils
  • Conventional Heating Systems
  • Heat pumps for pool heating
  • UV- sterilizers and salt systems for pools

  • Air con specialist
  • We service all makes
  • Authorized technicians