Fan Coils

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Fan coils

A fan-coil unit is a simple device that normally consists of a fan and a heating and/or cooling coil (heat exchanger), as is often used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. It can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted. The units take air from the space, cool or heat it and return it to the space. A certain percent of ducted outdoor air may also be supplied to the intake side of the fan-coil unit to provide fresh air into the space.

A concealed fan coil unit will typically be installed within an accessible ceiling void. The supply air diffuser will typically be ducted from the fan coil. The return air is often not ducted and the ceiling void is used as a return air plenum. This allows a great degree of flexibility for locating grilles to suit the ceiling layout.

A room thermostat controls the temperature and the fan speed.
A central plant provides low temperature hot water or chilled water that is distributed through a network of insulated pipes to the fan-coil units.

The fan-coil units can be combined with under-floor heating/cooling system and they are specially suited to be used with solar heating systems and low temperature heat pumps as the heat source.

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