Solar energy

The sun provides limitless potential as source energy

Solar energy

The sun provides limitless potential as source energy. In this privileged climatic zone, a radiation of 800 W per hour is reaching every square meter.

The keywords that are normally used about solar energy are Free – Clean –Abundant.

Another keyword is often missing: Efficient. The essence of good solar technology is to know how 


to capture


to store


to control

In addition to that, we would add: To pay due respect to the aesthetics of the properties

Técnicas Maro´s experience dates back to the middle of the 80´s when solar technical development boomed in Germany and Denmark. Since 1992, our international team of engineers has designed and installed solar technology in many new buildings on the coast and over the years, we have developed special methods for adapting solar energy systems within the framework of existing equipment in Andalusian style properties.


Solar energy is used for two main purposes, distinguishing between

  • THERMAL SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEMS for the heating of air and water
  • PHOTOVOLTAIC PLANTS for the generation of electricity

System concepts within the field of

Thermal solar energy systems:

  • Domestic hot water
  • Home heating
  • Pool heating
  • Warm-air-ventilation
  • Dehumidification
  • Combination systems


  • Stand alone systems
  • Grid connected systems
  • PV for pool filtration

Técnicas Maro
Installing and servicing heating, cooling and solar energy systems on the coast since 1992