Solar energy

The sun provides limitless potential as source energy

Pool heat pumps

When our customers wish the swimming pool heated all year around without regard to outdoor temperatures, then conventional energy sources must be used.  In these cases, the installation of an air-to-water heat pump is the most energy efficient solution.  The electricity is used to run a refrigeration compressor, which takes energy from surrounding air by cooling it and transferring it at a higher temperature to the pool water. The electrical energy used is for running the compressor, and for every 1Kw of energy used it produces between 3 and 6 kW of heating, depending on the actual ambient temperature. An air-to-water heat pump will function well in any location, as long as three conditions are complied with:


Fresh air


Electrical power


Circulating system piping

Técnicas Maro can offer a wide range of heat pumps of different sizes and models, all with TITANIUM heat ex changers guaranteed against corrosion.  In addition, to save energy, we can combine pool heat pumps with solar heating systems.

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